Best replacement link shortener service


URL Shortener is a service that allows you to convert long URLs to shorter and more convenient ones. March 30, 2019 Google finally closed one of the most popular - Google URL Shortener ( However, we decided to create a service that will not only be an alternative and analogue of Shortener, but also that will have many more functions for marketing.
Our link shortening service helps shorten long urls so that they can be used on social networks, presentations or websites. Why shorten links and when it will be especially useful for advertising and marketing. Use our free service Do PR link

Why shorten links

Shortening long hyperlinks is useful for two reasons:

  • A short address looks more aesthetically pleasing in texts and messages online. Saving message length is a plus for such urls.
  • A short url is easier to remember or dictate without losing tags.

Our link shortening service also shows statistics on page transitions and audience characteristics.

  • Use a link shortener for purposes such as:
  • Throw meme into a working chat.
  • Need a QR code for the conference.
  • You need to dictate the link.
  • The link should not take up much space: for example, in a presentation.
  • In the target of the corresponding social network.
  • We need click statistics, analytics systems for some reason are not suitable.
  • To hide affiliate tags in the link.